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MLA’s report — November update

MLA’s report — November update

Joe Hargrave, Prince Albert Carlton MLA

On November 8th, I joined with the City of Prince Albert to celebrate the completion of the New River Street Water Reservoir project. This project will strengthen and support community growth by increasing drinking water storage and capacity, as well as increasing the availability of safe drinking water. Our Government is proud to have invested $3 million to have safe reliable drinking water for the people of Prince Albert, now and for the future.

The New River Street Reservoir Project is one of many important infrastructure projects our government has helped support. Since 2007, we have invested over $35 million to the City of Prince Albert’s infrastructure. This includes $1 million in pavement upgrades; $700,000 to road utility reconstruction; a half-million dollars to the Westhill Paving Project; and $20 million to the Aquatic and Arena Recreation Centre.

The new Aquatic and Arena Recreation Centre will include two 68,000 square foot hockey rinks and a 47,000 square foot aquatic centre. The Government of Saskatchewan is proud to provide funding for this project and we appreciate the financial support from the City of Prince Albert and the Government of Canada. I am very much looking forward to its completion and to be able to enjoy the new facilities with my family.

Our Government is proud to have invested in so many infrastructure projects in the great city of Prince Albert and we will continue to do so.

On November 19, I announced that there will be tougher penalties for distracted driving in Saskatchewan. These new penalties will be harsh and hefty because many people continue to risk their lives and the lives of others on our roads.

Police across the province have been catching more distracted drivers than ever before. In 2018 alone, we saw 774 injuries and 22 deaths due to distracted driving or driver inattention. Enough is enough and people need to get the message.

Currently, a distracted driving ticket costs the recipient $280 plus four demerits, with vehicle seizures for repeat offenders. Starting February 1, 2020, the cost of a ticket will more than double, and the cost of subsequent tickets will escalate.

  • First offence – $580 ticket plus four demerits.
  • Second offence within a year of being convicted of the first – $1,400 ticket, plus an additional four demerits, plus an immediate, seven-day vehicle seizure. 
  • Third offence within a year of conviction of the first – $2,100 ticket, plus four more demerits and another seven-day vehicle seizure.

Distracted driving kills and injures people; it is a serious safety concern, and our government is sending a direct message to drivers. Yes, the tickets are costly. If you don’t want one, put the phone down, keep your head up, and focus on the road.

The highlight of the fall session of the legislature, which continues in Regina, has been the introduction of Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan for the next decade.

Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan is a roadmap for a growing province of 1.4 million people and a strong economy with 100,000 new jobs by 2030. Our plan includes 20 actions for the 2020s in order to achieve 30 goals by 2030.

You can learn about Saskatchewan’s Plan for Growth at saskgrowthplan.ca.

Growth will create new jobs and more opportunities for young people to realize their future in our province, while attracting skilled and entrepreneurial newcomers from around the world. Most importantly, growth will afford us the ability to invest in a better quality of life for Saskatchewan families and communities.

As always, if you have questions, concerns or comments, or if you need assistance with provincial government programs or services, please contact my MLA office at 306-922-2828 or visit us at Bay 4 – 406 Industrial Drive in Prince Albert.