MLA Report: Hargrave

As we prepare for the holiday season, I encourage you to think about those who need a helping hand. These cold days and even colder nights present challenges to some in our community.
Emergency shelter spaces are available across the province. In Prince Albert, the YWCA operates a shelter, offering people a warm place to stay. During weekday business hours, those in need can visit the Ministry of Social Services at 303-1288 Central Avenue. After hours, they can contact the Mobile Crisis Helpline at 306-764-1011. Our government has expanded emergency shelter space this winter through $1.7 million in additional funding. The increase will grow shelter space by up to 15 per cent this winter and help to ease the seasonal costs for community partners.
Vulnerable residents in Prince Albert now have access to a new mobile service to enhance disease prevention, addiction and overdose prevention. Saskatchewan’s fifth harm reduction van is engaging clients where they live and building pathways to long-term treatment and recovery. These vans ensure access to help when and where it is needed. The van helps to increase exposure in the community, and clients are starting to recognize the vehicle as a service they can access for help. Planning is underway for additional mobile services, including three new community wellness buses that will soon travel to communities in south, central and northern Saskatchewan.
Our strong and growing economy allows our government to increase investments in programs and services like the harm reduction vans. We will continue to foster positive relationships and a welcoming business climate that attracts new investment. One of the expanding industries in our area is the forestry sector, and a new timber allocation will allow for even more growth.
Pivot Furniture has received a timber allocation of 101,000 cubic meters, supporting its growth plan for the future. With locations in Prince Albert and Saskatoon, Pivot is a Saskatchewan-based tech company with furniture designs named after local towns and villages. This allocation will help create more jobs in the forestry industry in the region.
Recently, we marked the official grand opening of the $21.4 million twinning project on Highway 3. This stretch of asphalt serves communities and businesses northwest of Prince Albert. Not only does this impact industries in the area, but it also improves the safety of the thousands of people who travel it daily. The Highway 3 project is part of our Growth Plan commitment to improving 10,000 kilometers of highways by 2030. Over the first three years of this plan, more than 3,500 kilometres have been upgraded.
Meanwhile, our government is hard at work defending law-abiding citizens from the federal government. The Liberal/NDP coalition has introduced amendments to Bill C-21 with a lengthy list of firearms they plan to ban, making thousands of Saskatchewan residents criminals overnight. Despite claims from Ottawa that they are not taking away firearms used for hunting or on the farm, the list released shows otherwise.
While we support any initiative that targets criminals or stops illegal firearms from crossing into our country, we do not support the measures outlined in the amendments. We will pressure the federal government to reconsider these changes while exploring further actions that will defend our law-abiding citizens.
If you have any questions about our programs or you need some assistance with government services, please contact my office. We can be reached by phone at 306-922-2828, email us at or pop by the office at Bay 4, 406 South Industrial Drive in Prince Albert.