Melfort, Carrot River return Sask. Party MLAs

It was a Saskatchewan Party sweep in ridings northeast of Prince Albert as incumbents Todd Goudy and Fred Bradshaw were returned to the legislature on Election Day (Monday, Oct. 26).

In the Carrot River Valley constituency, Fred Bradshaw of the Saskatchewan Party won for the straight election. Bradshaw had 2,208 votes with 42 of 52 ballot boxes reporting. 

Rod McCorriston of the NDP finished second with 502 votes, Glen Leson of the PC Party was third with 145 and Liam Becker of the Saskatchewan Green Party finished third with 43 votes.

Todd Goudy won his first official election as Saskatchewan Party candidate in Melfort. Goudy was elected in a by-election in March, 2019 to replace the late Kevin Phillips. 

Goudy placed first, earning 3,012 votes with 44 of 50 ballot boxes reporting.

Lorne Schroeder of the NDP was second with 638 votes, Dave Waldner of the Buffalo Party was third with 233 votes and Matthew Diakuw of the Green Party was fourth with 66 votes.