Malcolm Jenkins donates $10,000 to newcomer Ukrainian families

Sonya Jahn receives a $10,000 donation from Malcolm Jenkins on behalf of Prince Albert’s newcomer Ukrainian families outside Canadian Tire on April 3, 2023. -- (Bailey Sutherland/Daily Herald)

Prince Albert’s newest community members have been blessed with a generous donation of $10,000 by Canadian Tire’s Malcolm Jenkins, with the funds going to purchasing necessities for the 68 Ukrainian families currently living in the city and the ones on their way.

Sonya Jahn, who oversees all of Prince Albert’s newcomers, said the donation from Jenkins is “just really incredible.”

Providing support to the newcomer Ukrainian families was a no-brainer for Jenkins.

“This is a world tragedy and any little thing we can do to assist these poor folks, we’re going to do it,” said Jenkins. “I’d encourage everybody else to get on board too.”

Canadian Tire currently employs around four to five Ukrainian newcomers and according to Jenkins, they’ve been nothing short of wonderful to have on board.

Some of the funds donated by Jenkins will go towards purchasing bike helmets and locks to go along with the City of Prince Albert’s recent donation of 50 used bicycles for the Ukrainian children and adults.

Jahn picked up the bikes from the City on Wednesday and will be distributing them out to the families after some minor repairs.

“We have some very excited families that will be receiving these bicycles,” said Jahn. “It’s something that will be very much appreciated and very much needed as well.”

Six more families are on their way to settle in the community and Jahn said they are desperately seeking homes for them when they arrive.

“I am in great need, and I’d like to put a plea out to the community for anyone who may have accommodations, rental properties, whether it be an apartment or house, to please contact me,” said Jahn. “We are really strapped for accommodations.”

Jahn asked that anyone who is interested in helping out with household items, furniture, or non-perishables reach out to her.

“Some people may not realize the Ukrainian families just come with the clothes on their backs and one small suitcase,” said Jahn. “So, they really need everything.”

Individuals interested in donating items can drop them off at the office of MLA Alana Ross at 7-598 15th Street East.