From magician to TV host

Magician Roger Boucher performs at the Winter Festival gala. (Arthur White-Crummey/Daily Herald)

local entertainer will be the one to take people through it.

Magician and hypnotist Roger Boucher has been named as the host of RiseUp TV, a program created to introduce the world to the personalities, sights and sounds of artists from around the world.

Each episode will follow artists through their personal lives, on tours, and through triumphs and struggles.

The program is being put together by Rosner Management Services, a music management company representing dozens of Canadian and international artists.

The show is launching on Patreon, an online crowdfunding site for musicians and other artists. The plan is to sell it to major television networks. Some have already expressed interest.

A big chunk of the filming will take place during two week-and-a-bit tours, one in the west and one in the east. Boucher will emcee those tours, keeping the crowd entertained between acts.

“ I’m really excited,” Boucher said. “Right now I’m reaching out to different artists that are part of the tour and getting background on them. I’m really trying to do my homework and prepare for the event.”

The show has been a work in progress for a while. Mark Rosner contacted Boucher some time ago.