Longtime nurse wins NDP nomination in Prince Albert Carlton

Carolyn Brost Strom worked as a public health nurse for 17 years before moving on as a nursing instructor at the University of Saskatchewan. -- Carolyn Brost Strom for PA Carlton/Facebook

Local nurse Carolyn Brost Strom will represent the NDP as their candidate in Prince Albert Carlton after winning a contested nomination Thursday night.

Brost Strom defeated local teacher and former NDP candidate Troy Parenteau to win the nomination. Strom said she was excited to jump into her new role.

“It’s pretty humbling to have people put their trust in you to be a representative to try and make things better for the people in PA,” she said. “It’s been quite a campaign, but I’m looking forward to the next step.”

NDP leader Carla Beck was among those present for Thursday’s nomination. Beck said she’s looking forward to having Brost Strom as a candidate.

“I am so excited to have a dedicated fighter like Carolyn as our candidate here in Prince Albert Carlton,” Beck said. “It’s clear that Carolyn has energized this room and is ready to do the work necessary of serving the people of Prince Albert Carlton.

“Given her experience and work ethic, I know that PA Carlton will be very well-served by Carolyn as their MLA.”

Brost Strom has live in Prince Albert for 20 years, including the last 11 in Prince Albert Carlton. She began campaigning for the nomination in May, and said voters are concerned about healthcare shortages, homelessness, and affordability.

She said the NDP has to listen to voters and show them the party will be their voice in Regina.

“It has to do with connecting with people and so that’s what I’m out there to do. There were a few people I spoke with who were like, ‘nobody ever comes and knocks on my door and asks what I need,’” she said.

“It will be up to us to connect with voters and find out what their concerns are share with them and share what our vision is for change in the province, and just do that consistently wherever we have our NDP candidates running.”

Brost Strom was a registered nurse for 19 years, and generated headlines when the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association found her guilty of unprofessional conduct, and fined her for criticizing an integrated healthcare centre in Macklin.

Brost Strom’s grandfather had been a patient at the facility. After his death, she criticized the facility for the quality of care they provided elderly patients. After a five-year fight, she won an appeals court decision overturning the SRNA ruling.

Brost Strom said she’s not afraid to ask tough questions or tackle difficult topics. If elected, she’s confident those skills will serve her well in representing Prince Albert residents at the Legislature.

“I’m not known for talking points, so they can count on me being honest if I’m asked a question,” she said. “I’m a known person who fights for those who are vulnerable, especially in healthcare. I just want people to feel like they have a voice, and I’m hoping to be that voice for them.”

Brost Strom is the 12 candidate nominated by the NDP for the next provincial election, which must be held before Oct. 28, 2024. Sask. Party MLA Joe Hargrave currently represents Prince Albert Carlton. The Sask. Party has not officially nominated a candidate in the constituency.