Lieutenant Governor excited to come to Prince Albert for Remembrance Day

Office of the Lieutenant Governor official photo. Lieutenant Governor Russell Mirasty will be in attendance for the Remembrance Day service on Nov. 11 at the Prince Albert Armoury.

The Remembrance Day services at the Prince Albert Armoury on Saturday will have a special guest.

The Kings’ representative in the province Lieutenant Governor Russell Mirasty has decided to attend the Prince Albert service.

He explained that this is the first time he has attended the service in his current role.

“I  have gone to a service there in another position. But as Lieutenant governor, yes, the first time,” Mirasty said.

He said the decision to come to the service came from him as Lieutenant Governor.

“I think it’s important that I support people who are doing important things around the province in different locations and decide that, same with the Remembrance Day services,” Mirasty said.

“ I thought that I should go to different communities to support them during the day and hence the reason for coming to Prince Albert,“he explained.

Mirasty has family in Prince Albert which he said helped make the decision easier.

“I have a lot of history with Prince Albert being from La Ronge and going to school here. So I mean, that’s an important personal aspect. But like I said, more importantly, it was really getting around to different communities around the province.

“We’ve been to Yorkton and Saskatoon, Regina and just decided a Northern community would be a good place to go this year.”

The Legion itself was excited to get the notice of his attendance according to President Rick Hodgson.

“We always get tremendous support and people appreciate my attendance at different events. And so  that makes it nice as well.

Mirasty often visits Prince Albert, he has been in the community the past two years for Indigenous People’s Day on the riverbank, as just one example.

 “It’s part of that whole idea that the Lieutenant Governor represents the whole province. So I feel it’s important that I get out there and and meet people in different locales.”

He said that he is always pleased to come to Prince Albert.

“For this one, yes, I know  it’s always very busy and like everybody else a couple of years were lost due to COVID for these bigger events. We’re looking forward to it, Donna will be there as well,”

The event is returning to the Prince Albert Armoury after four years away, with one year remote and two years in Memorial Square.

“That makes it important as well, given the history of the armouries and Remembrance Day services also haven’t been held there in the past or for most most years. It’ll be good to get back there,” Mirasty said. People are advised to be seated by 10:20 a.m., the parade marches in at 10:40 a.m. and Mirasty arrives at 10:45 a.m. with the two minutes of silence at 11 a.m.

Jason Kerr/Daily Herald. With November 11 approaching, members of the Prince Albert Royal Canadian Legion are out helping local schools with their Remembrance Day ceremonies. Here, three Legion members shake hands with students from Vincent Massey Community School after their ceremony on Thursday.