Letter to the editor: Marion Aquatics

To Mayor Dionne and Prince Albert City Councillors,

Canada’s federal government has begun to put compassion ahead of corporations during the COVID-19 pandemic, realizing people are more important than saving money. There are still gaps in their realization of the damage that Canadians resulting from the “trickle-down” market economy that obviously does not work, but they are making an effort.

You and city council, Mayor Dionne, understood that three years ago when you helped to keep Marion Aquatics open. We are grateful and we thank you. And now we need your help again for the same reason.

Marion Aquatics is in constant use, though less so because of the pandemic, serving citizens from children to the elderly. For many, it is critical to their health, and a tow– to three-year loss of pool time waiting for the new facility will exacerbate some serious health problems. Frank Dunn Pool, also fully utilized, cannot accommodate all who would use Marion. Preventive health practices cost much less in the long-term.

The closure of Marion Aquatics would be another sad hollowing out of downtown Prince Albert, once vibrant and pretty, and struggling to stay so. Furthermore, the new facility may be too far away and expensive for many people, even with adequate busing service.

While some say city people don’t want to support rural people using city facilities, remember that Prince Albert’s economy relies on us as this city was premised on serving agricultural businesses.

We underpin the economy and also serve city dwellers who use lakes for recreation. Let us not let this Trump-style of divisive rhetoric destroy a good relationship.

Please support your citizens by helping to keep Marion Aquatics open. Thank you.

Meg Shatilla
Spruce Home