Letter to the editor: thank you health care workers

Dear Sir;

When I was young there was no health care, and if you had the misfortune of serious illness; it could ruin you financially.

One example I recall was a lady who discovered a lump in her breast. They didn’t have any money for a doctor or hospitalization. They decided that when the steer got fat, it would be sold, and then they could go to the doctor. However, when the steer was fat enough for market, so was the cancer. She suffered and died, perhaps because of the delay in treatment.

There were 2 Jewish doctors in my home town. They cared for 3 towns, and farmers & ranchers in a large area. Many times they wiped off the bills that were owing, when they knew the circumstances of the patient. They even made house calls and delivered babies in the home.

I worked in the Post Office, and once a year they sent out bills owing. This pile of letters was almost a foot high, and I realized that almost everyone in our area owed them money.

I am writing this letter of gratitude for our health care system. First I want to thank Parkland Ambulance for their excellent paramedics who came quickly when I was unconscious. I was sent to Saskatoon for a pacemaker.

Unfortunately I have had to spend quite a bit of time in the hospital. The Victoria Hospital is a very good hospital and I was impressed by the conscientious care I received.

The nurses work so hard, but are still pleasant, kind, and caring. I had wonderful doctors, whose efforts have kept me going.
Recently I had another heart attack and I was dead for 2 minutes, but they applied CPR and brought me back.

I’m 89 years old and I’m still alive, because of the excellent health care I received. I thank God for all my blessings.

Frances Depeel