Let’s celebrate Paramedic Services Week

It’s Paramedic Services Week, this week across Saskatchewan and Canada. Thank you to the amazing, talented, caring, and dedicated paramedics that call Parkland Ambulance Care their “work” home.

Many people have likely experienced or heard about the life saving skills of our paramedics but what training does a paramedic have? Currently most Saskatchewan Primary Care Paramedics are graduates of SK Poly Tech Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) 51-week program. They learn a high degree of medical assessment, learn about numerous medical problems, have skills to use many pieces of specialized equipment and are versed in care from neonatal persons to adults. In an ever-changing world, paramedics must be adaptable, precise, competent, understanding, and ready for just about anything that is presented to them. Then we have other Advanced Care Paramedics who train longer and have more ‘advanced’ skills. Together, our team of paramedics is ready to care for your medical needs.

As the situations are diverse, so too is the environment in which our paramedics work. Most of the time the men and women of Parkland Ambulance Care work from their mobile office aka the ambulance. They bring advanced medical care to you whether that be your backyard, office, or workplace. Our team also provides many interfacility transfers for persons who need additional medical care in another location. But the team can be seen in other diverse environments like a standby for hockey, softball or bull riding, Prince Albert City Police detention or part of the Prince Albert police tactical team. Unique and diverse roles have paramedics working in the comforts of your home as paramedics in the community. In partnership with the Saskatchewan Health Authority and your family physician, a paramedic might visit you at home for lab work, ECG, and other medical assessments. The evolution of paramedic care is not just calling for help and the “helpers” showing up at your door. While that plays a large part of the paramedic’s job, the profession has evolved.

The acuity of the paramedic role and the demands of higher call volume, present new challenges for the paramedic. Caring for those in need also asks who’s caring for the paramedic? Fortunately for the team members of Parkland Ambulance Care, we have an awesome employee and family assistance strategy. It’s okay to be not okay after a rough day. Supporting each other and or relying on outside support helps our team navigate these challenges. Our leadership team recognizes the needs of the awesome team and works hard to have a family like atmosphere within our workplace. Caring is sharing and being there for the team not just while at work, is important for our organization. “We Care” not just for you but for each other too.

This year Parkland Ambulance Care will celebrate 50 fantastic years of service. From very small and humble beginnings, we have grown to a modern, technologically advanced organization. We have a tremendous team in our Medical Communications and Coordination Center, one of three centers in Saskatchewan. There is an administrative support team that handles the front office. Then there is a team of over 70 paramedics and growing. When we look back where we came from the person who answered your call for help might have been the same person who responded to the ambulance call, then did all the paperwork in the front office. We honour our past but forge a fantastic future ahead. We are truly blessed with a fantastic team. We say thank you to everyone who helped us grow through the past 50 years. 50 years ago, Parkland Ambulance Care was a small and mighty team with a couple vehicles. Today we have the “the best” team of professionals who utilize the most modern technology in ways never imagined 50 years ago. During Paramedic Service Week, we, as an organization, are thankful for many things. We are exceptionally proud of the incredible team of paramedics, communications specialists, and administrative staff. Without these people we would not be able to provide the amazing caring professional service you receive each and every day.