Law firm donates to Hospice fundraiser

From left to right, Allicia Hunter, Heather Sherdahl, Marina Mitchell and Ron Parchomchuk pose for a photo Wednesday afternoon. (Peter Lozinski/Daily Herald)

A law firm has become the latest local business to lend support to the Rose Garden Hospice campaign.

Parchomchuk Sherdahl Hunter presented a $15,000 donation to the Rose Garden Hospice Wednesday afternoon. Their contribution will go towards the construction of the facility. The hospice foundation is currently out to raise $4 million to cover construction costs.

Once the 10-bed, 10,000 square-foot hospice opens, it will be supported by the province, which will provide annual operational funding of up to $2 million per year beginning in 2021.

The hospice is named after Rose Daschuk, who passed away in the hospital during her battle with cancer. Her daughter Marina Mitchell is now on the hospice board and helping to lead the fundraising campaign.

Part of the reason Parchomchuk Sherdahl Hunter wanted to contribute is because of a personal connection to the cause.

“It means a lot,” said Allicia Hunter, one of the partners in the firm.

“I grew up with Marina and around her mom. I knew her mom before she was sick and while she was sick and saw everything they went through as a family,” she said.

“When Marina started this whole process with the hospice, I wasn’t in a position to help her out at that time, except for volunteer work. It’s nice to be able to contribute financially to it now as well.”

Hunter still volunteers where she can. She said that having a hospice in Prince Albert is important to help improve peoples end of life care.

Ron Parchomchuk, another partner in the firm, agreed.

“We have lots of facilities that care for people, but nothing to care for you in those last days,” he said.

“People need to be treated with dignity and respect and care in their final days, and this facility will provide that level of comfort and care for them as well as their family members. I think it’s a great addition to our community and the province..”

Parchomchuk said his firm has contributed over the years to several causes, such as Pineview Terrace, the Alfred Jenkins Field House and the Art Hauser Centre renovations.

“This was another very worthwhile cause we wanted to continue to,” he said.