Kistahpinanihk Paddling Club hosts open house

Nathan Reiter/Daily Herald. The interior of the boathouse for the Kistahpinanihk Paddling Club at the 800 block of River Street West

The weather on Mother’s Day felt similar to summer and the Kistahpinanihk Paddling Club took advantage of the conditions and held an open house at the club’s boat house at the 800 block of River Street West.

According to the club’s Facebook page, Kistahpinanihk is a Cree word meaning “gathering place” and the club opened the doors of the boathouse to encourage more people to sign up for memberships this summer.

Dwight Bergstrom, program coordinator for the Kistahpinanihk Paddling Club said they had plenty of interest in the club’s open house.

“We’re doing registration for the programing that we offer today and selling club memberships, and we’ll be doing that through the whole summer here. We’ve had a pretty good turnout and signed up people for the programing we’re doing and looking forward to an exciting summer.”

Bergstrom says the club has plenty of programming planned for the next few months.

“Just about every evening, one of our experienced paddling members will do a guided river tour out of here. (We are) going to do a women on the water night, that’ll be Thursdays at 6:30. I’m going to do a family canoe paddle out of here on Tuesdays at that same time, leaving at about 6:30.

“Then if people are interested, we’re going to be promoting more intensive instructional kind of programing as well separate from just a guided little touring paddle sort of thing. And we’ll be announcing the dates of that stuff shortly as well.”

The club is currently selling memberships for $100 for an adult, and an additional $30 per child living in a household.

“That gets you access to being able to use any of the different canoes and kayaks and the different paddling boats that we got here in the in the boat house.” Bergstrom says. “We’ve got life jackets and paddles and everything like that, so if you’re a member during our open hours, you can come down, sign out a piece of equipment and go on your own, or you can watch out for when we are doing guided or instructed stuff and get involved with that. For $100, that includes your membership, access to the boathouse, the river, to our boat dock and the use of the equipment.”