Josh Morrow Campaign – Part 3

Josh Morrow and family

You’ve spoken, I’ve listened

My fellow citizens,

I am extremely excited and proud to announce that after extensive feedback from you and your families, we have developed our platform which consists of 10 key focus areas. You have been heard loud and clear and the next step we must take is to accomplish and achieve concrete results that not only affect your success but the success of your children. We can no longer wait for others to solve our problems and we can no longer wait to act on these issues. My mission is to heal the many broken relationships we have within this city and repair our community from the inside out. This includes having the most productive, professional and collaborative working partnership with the first nation and metis members of our city. Something that has been shied away from and truthfully neglected for far too long. This election, we must come together more than we ever have before. Success for one should be a success for all. 2020 has been a difficult year and we must support, love and engage with one another for the common goal of building a healthier, happier and safer community. My dream for Prince Albert is to inspire people to do their best, to pick someone up when they fall down and to encourage and support people and businesses to succeed. With your support, and only with your support, can we reshape this city and focus on the things that matter most to you and your family.

My commitment to you and your family will consist of the following.

  1. I will provide and represent you all with a family first approach where I will develop community initiatives to ensure your families are healthier, your homes are happier and our community involvement is better than what you have seen in the past. You and I both know we can do so much more than what we are doing today.
  2. I will soon release my 4 phase safety and security initiative that will put an end to the violent and senseless crime our city has been plagued with for far too long. After collaborating with representatives from within our community, we have developed new and innovative solutions to deliver results to you and your children.
  3. I will promote and support your local business to help maintain a healthy income for you and your families. We will become the most business friendly City in Saskatchewan by the end of my first year in office. You, as local businesses, will be a priority.
  4. I will work hard to ensure that our community has a higher quality of life and install fundamental economics to protect and increase your home values.
  5. I will restore accountable and responsible spending at City Hall where your tax dollars will be protected from misuse, waste and where a dollar spent will deliver you a dollar fifty in return. I want to remind you that this is your hard-earned money that is being mismanaged. The days of spending a dollar to get 40 cents back will not become our future.
  6. I will demand an efficient and effective review of your utility bills where we will find technological advantages and innovative solutions to reduce the cost to you and your family.
  7. I will create an economic environment here in Prince Albert that is encouraging, inviting and welcoming and will be the envy of the Province. We must attract investment; we must promote our community and we must give people a dominant reason to relocate and to call Prince Albert home. We all agree that a reduction in taxes is a goal we can achieve. As Mayor I will work diligently to reward the residents of this City with that accomplishment.
  8. I will improve the quality of life for our seniors. As I have committed to last Thursday, I will be setting up a partnership with the SPCA where our seniors will receive visits from loving and compassionate pets to ensure no one feels isolated or alone in times of sorrow or pain.  I will also ask council to redirect 25 percent of my first years salary as mayor to a seniors health, mobility and community initiative where we can make a direct impact to seniors in need.
  9. I will ensure that efficient and effective city services are delivered to you. As a resident, you deserve better and I intend to make sure you receive better.
  10. I will restore functionality at city hall where professionalism, respect and empathy will become core values. I will accomplish this by leading through example. This change can only start from the top down.  As a resident you demand this, you deserve this, and as a representative of you and your family, must hold ourselves to a higher standard.

In closing out, I want to assure each and every one of you that my desire and determination to make a difference in the lives of you and your families is tremendous. I am a proven problem solver that will not give up or quit on the things that matter most to you. I believe we can do this, I believe you and I want the same things and I absolutely believe our next 4 years will be much better than they are today. I want to thank you all for encouraging me to continue this journey. I am kindly asking you to stand up, come together and let’s see what the power of the people can truly do.

I hope to see you and your families on November 9th, at the polling station, in the great City of Prince Albert.

Josh Morrow