It feels good to be back in a routine

Ruth Griffiths

The beginning of the school year is as exciting as New Year’s Day! It’s been a long time since I was a student, but the beginning of September still feels like the start of a new year.
This is an optimistic season when we sign up for classes, start new projects and promise ourselves to better organize our lives. It’s a lot like New Year’s resolutions but without the party hats.
I took the summer off from writing this column. I was experiencing diminished eyesight in the spring and it took a lot of effort to use the computer. The brightness of the screen was giving me a headache, so I decided to take a rest from column writing. I think a summer of relaxation helped a lot, so I am back at it for at least another year, if the Daily Herald will have me.
More than one person told me that my column was missed this summer. I’m glad at least some readers find my writing enjoyable because I certainly do enjoy sharing my thoughts with you, however silly those ramblings may seem at times.
Another thing that brings joy to my life is leading exercise classes and I’m back at it again this month.
Because the Margo Fournier Centre has been sold, I will no longer be leading the Easy Adult Fitness class there. Instead, a modified program will be offered in the main floor gym at the Alfred Jenkins Field House. The time will be the same, 9:30-10:30 a.m., but it will be offered only on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, rather than Monday, Wednesday, Friday as before. I will lead my tried and true Chair-Assisted Yoga class each Tuesday morning and Gloria Bell will provide age-appropriate fitness classes each Thursday morning. My certification will expire at the end of 2022, so this will be my last set of classes. I began leading the Easy Adult Fitness classes in 2009, so its been a good long run, pun intended.
Chair-Assisted Yoga classes began Sept. 6 at Calvary United Church and will continue each Tuesday afternoon. The classes have moved up 30 minutes and now begin at 1:30 p.m. There is no set fee for this class, but a donation to the church is welcome. It is also a drop-in class. As of this writing there are no Covid protocols for the class at the church, but as we discovered in 2020, our world can change overnight. I will continue to lead yoga classes for the folks who live at Abbeyfield House. I think this new reduced class schedule will be kinder to my deteriorating joints.
After two years of carefully masking, sanitizing and isolating, it feels good to be returning to a “new normal” routine. However, I fully understand if you are hesitant to attend in-person events with people you don’t know well. All of my classes are “mask friendly” which means you can wear a face mask throughout the class if you wish and space yourself at least two metres away from other participants. The provincial government is allowing us to make our own risk assessment. I fully support whatever measures you wish to take to maintain your health and avoid infection.
If you want to continue my chair-assisted yoga program at home you can watch my video free on the church website Use the “more” pull down tab at the top of the home page and you will find two yoga videos. I’d love to see you in person, but I understand if you prefer to exercise on your own.