‘I’m overly excited’: Elk Ridge Resort taking bookings starting next week

Accommodations can be booked at the townhouses, cottages, and cabins

Courtesy Elk Ridge Resort website

Elk Ridge Resort will be opening back up on Dec. 4 with new ownership, Routes2SK.

The resort went into receivership earlier this year.

Accommodations can be booked online or over the phone starting Nov. 24. The townhouses, cottages and cabins will all be available for bookings. The hotel lodge will remain closed for bookings due to COVID-19, according to managing partner Ryan Danberg.

“We’re really hopeful we can do something here in the near future but it’s just we’re watching COVID right now,” Danberg said.

The pool and fitness area will also be open.

Route2SK is a company comprised of 8 friends who were all born and raised in Saskatchewan. Five of the individuals are silent investors.

“We’ve always talked about the property and there’s a lot of passion that comes from quite a few of the owners in the property. We’ve been watching this thing for probably a good couple of years …. Once we heard it went into receivership we started to do some inquiring and as of now we are proud owners of it.”

Danberg previously held roles at Elk Ridge including director of operations.

He added the group has been cognizant of COVID-19 through the entire process and that’s why they’re doing a slower transition than normal.

“(We’re) using the Christmas holidays here to get some family activity up to the area and get some outdoor activity and just show people a little bit what our groups about.”

The resort is undergoing a facelift according to Danberg, including flooring work and decor. Capital equipment has also been purchased to assist with operations.

Danberg said the group is looking at May 1 launch date.

“I’m overly excited, I’m also overly excited for us to get through this pandemic and then we can really start to showcase Elk Ridge in it’s full capacity as to what we want to do there.”