Have fun over the summer, but be prepared for any emergency

by Lyle Karasiuk

Summer is here! Sleeping in, lazy days and later evening chats around the campfire, we are all hopefully enjoying a summer break. Catching up on many projects. Don’t forget to keep safety in mind.

For some being at the cabin involves a bit of work. If using power tools please do so safely and never use near small curious children. It only takes a fraction of a second to have serious injury occur. If you have not already checked your chimney, before you light the fire place, ensure the chimney is clear. Birds, rodents or simply debris can be blocking proper ventilation. It is a good idea to have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your cottage as well. Don’t forget the camper or motor home could also use them. If you are using anything like a generator, please ensure adequate ventilation and keep leaves and debris, things that could catch fire, clear from the generator.

The fire pit is a great gathering point and a great place to build many memories but make sure you build one to keep the fire contained. Always have a shovel and pail of water nearby. Never head for bed or a boat ride, leaving the fire unattended. Always ensure your fire is out when you call it lights out! With recent heat, many fire bans are in effect. Please respect these bans!

Wacky weather can occur at any moment, hopefully only leaving us wet from the rain. Keep an eye to the sky and have mobile apps like Sask Alert, turned on your mobile device to receive those important alerts.

If you seen potentially bad weather take shelter. In your home, head to the basement in places such as your bathroom tub covered with a blanket. When no basement exists find the center of the home, away from windows and doors such as possibly your closet. On the lake try to get to shore as quickly and as safely as possible and find any available shelter. Never seek shelter under a tree as the tree itself might be struck by lightening or fall upon you.

Summer is the time to enjoy going for a walk. Anyone of us might get separated from the rest of the group or young children might wonder off on their own adventures. If you become lost in the woods, hug a tree. This term asks you to stay where you are at and seek immediate shelter. Wondering around only creates a larger opportunity to become disorientated or travel further away from your intended destination. Stay right where you are! You should always carry a whistle and garbage bag with you when out for a hike. Of course, water, good footwear and a first aid kit are not bad ideas either. Why a garbage bag? It is small and compact for a pocket but can easily be made into a rain poncho to stay dry. A whistle is heard for a greater distance than the human voice allowing you to signal for help! We encourage you to download the free What3Words App. It’s so easy to use and can help our incredible communications team find you in an emergency.

Incidents can happen that may result in injury. Being prepared with a first aid kit, whistle, or other items can become very useful. Whether you are out for a walk, on the boat skiing or fishing, lounging in a chair watching the kids at the beach or backyard pool or at last getting those “projects” taken care of, please wear the gear. Be safe and have a great summer! For more information on any of the topics presented in this article contact Parkland Ambulance Care at 306-953-8358.