Guard allegedly slashed by minimum security inmate in penitentiary parking lot

Saskatchewan Penitentiary. Herald file photo

A knife-wielding, minimum-security inmate from Riverbend Institution allegedly attacked a guard in the Saskatchewan Penitentiary parking lot Tuesday.

According to multiple sources with knowledge of the incident who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal, at least one guard was injured in the alleged attack. The inmate also reportedly suffered injuries.

In an emailed statement, Correctional Services Canada (CSC) confirmed that a staff member was injured during an incident with an inmate at the minimum security unit.

“The incident was resolved quickly,” the statement said.

Police have been advised of the incident.

“CSC is examining this incident and will work collaboratively with the police during their investigation,” the statement read.

Sources indicated other guards were hit with tear gas as they attempted to subdue the knife-wielding man. No one was seriously injured. The injured guard received treatment at the hospital and was released.

The alleged attack occurred outside of the penitentiary walls. Passersby, including semi truck drivers, reportedly stopped along Highway 302 outside the prison as the incident unfolded.

CSC indicated supports such as the Critical Incident Stress Management Team (CISM) are available to staff to support their physical and mental health.

“CSC is committed to working with injured employees to reintegrate them to the workplace safely,” the statement said.

“CSC has a Return to Work Program to support and assist its employees who are injured or ill when returning to work following an extended leave as soon as it is medically feasible. We assist employees with a safe and suitable return to work from an occupational or non-occupational injury or illness.