Government providing financial assistance to residents who experienced power outage due to wildfires

Wildfire burns near the highway between Buffalo Narrows and Ile a la Crosse in this photo taken on Sunday, May 14. -- Photo posted to the La Loche Wildfire Update Group on Facebook.

Financial support is being provided to Northern Saskatchewan residents who were without power for several days due to ongoing wildfires and unseasonably dry conditions.

“We recognize the impact that recent power outages have had on communities already facing hardships due to wildfires and extreme weather,” Corrections, Policing and Public Safety Minister Christine Tell said in a press release. “The lengthy interruption in power caused a lot of food to spoil. These funds will provide relief to residents and communities who do not originally quality for support through the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP).”

Funds will be issued directly to communities as a grant from the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency and distributed by local leaderships to residents. Residents are eligible for up to $100 to cover costs associated with food spoilage.

Buffalo Narrows, Garson Lake, Dillon (Buffalo River Dene Nation), Turnor Lake, Birch Narrows First Nation, La Loche, Clearwater River Dene Nation, Descharme Lake, St. George’s Hill, Michel Villege, Bear Creek and Black Point are all communities eligible to receive financial compensation.

People who own a cabin or secondary property affected by the outages but not reside in an eligible community are asked to call PDAP at 1-866-632-5502.