Gardens blossoming all over

Gardeners take the opportunity to get plots ready to receive seeds and plants to grow into a garden during the annual Work Bee at the La Ronge Airport Community Garden May 20. Valerie G. Barnes Connell/Northern Advocate.

Gardeners went hard at it getting beds ready and rototilled during the La Ronge Airport Community Garden work bee on Saturday, May 20.

For the seventh year, the work bee included working up the soil and making it ready for a new season of gardening.

The Town of La Ronge began a community garden project, with Jason Cook Studer volunteering to get the project going.

The garden preparation involves turning sod in half of the yard behind the Town Office into a variety of garden spaces.

The first area involves lifting soil in strips and Cook Studer plans to use a “futuristic planning“[process], called hugelkultur.

The process involves removing sod and digging trench like strips, which will be filled with twigs, leaves, composting down under, before adding soil.

Jason Cook Studer volunteers with the Town of La Ronge Community Garden flipping sod in preparation for the placement of twigs, compost and leaves, and top soil. The process is “futuristic planning for nutrient management” that involves adding top soil and the nutrients underneath will decay over the years and provide nutrients to the whole garden system. Valerie G. Barnes Connell Jordan/Northern Advocate.

With this process “you’re adding the nutrients underneath your top soil so over the years it will decay and provide nutrients to the system,” Cook Studer said.

The centre part of the garden will be divided into a Medicine Wheel and will have four quadrants separated in a circular fashion.

It will be up to the community to decide what will go into the four quadrants, he said.

It could be medicine plants, vegetables, specific-coloured plants or other.

There are a few more boxes that will be used by youth in conjunction with the Library, Cook  Studer said. For Morgan Bell, who works with the Garden for the Town, it’s a very strenuous and time consuming practice and “It’s the time when I need volunteers the most,” she said.