Garage sale and BBQ nets over $10K for SPCA

SPCA Volunteer Connie Banks said the garage sale gets all kinds of donations, including electronics, kitchenware, books and decor. (Peter Lozinski/Daily Herald)

The Prince Albert SPCA’s 12th annual garage sale and BBQ rang in a large chunk of change to support animals in need of loving homes.

The event took place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Exhibition Association, raising an estimate of just over $10,000.

From TVs, to books, to furniture, to an entire kitchen set, many came home with their cars filled—but the funds couldn’t have been raised without a team of volunteers.

Connie Banks, who led the group of about 20 helpers, had been working to collect and set up the items for about a week in advance.

She said most of them volunteer every year.

“It’s actually so much fun doing it that we just look forward to getting together every year during this garage sale,” said Banks. “We’ve just got a really, really dedicated crew.”

Four years ago when there were no volunteers to take the lead, Banks and a few others decided to step up knowing the importance of fundraising for the non-profit.

“Most people assume that the SPCA has core funding, that the costs are covered for everything and it’s not,” she explained. “It has a city contract, but that doesn’t cover the entire cost and so fundraising is really important and this is just one of the biggest fundraisers that they’ve always had each year.”

Banks said a lack of storage has been a major challenge.

In previous years, many leftover items have gone to the landfill or other community organizations; however, she said they’ll be hosting a second garage sale later in the summer to raise more money.

In the meantime, she has an entire shed and half of her garage filled.

If people have items to donate throughout the year, Banks encourages saving them for the garage sale, which is usually at the beginning of May.