Fruits of their labour

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New fruit wine business opens

Wine lovers rejoice! A new local business hopes to provide a different kind of taste for your palate.

Forest Fringe orchards introduced their new fruit wines this past October, and the reception has been positive.

The orchards, located about 30 km northeast of Prince Albert, are the latest to join the growing trend of Saskatchewan fruit wine producers. There are about a half a dozen in the province.

Fruit wines are just like regular wines, except they use fruits such as apples, raspberries or strawberries instead of grapes.

“They’re made the same way,” said Will Stafford, beekeeper and co-owner of Forest Fringe Orchards. His wife, Genevieve Grief, is the wine crafter.

“You take the fruit, you squish it down, you extract the juice or you keep the fruit parts and you add yeast, you add some nutrients, you stir it up and you add some water, you let it bubble away and then you run it through filters, put it in a bottle and cork it and sell it.”

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