Forensic Science Days returning to the Prince Albert Science Centre

Submitted Photo Forensic Science Days is returning to the Prince Albert Science Centre on March 22 and 23.

Forensic Science is a fascinating topic and people will have a chance to learn about it at the Prince Albert Science Centre in the Gateway Mall.

The Science Centre will be hosting its second Forensic Science Days on March 23-24. Science Centre board member Lisa Mokleby said the purpose of the event is to educate the public about forensic activities like fingerprinting, footwear impressions, and investigating crime scenes.

“We are going to have several different tables set up for activities,” Mokleby said. “Some of these include fingerprinting and footwear impressions, and there’s going to be an adult crime scene to investigate and a children’s crime scene to investigate.”

Mokleby originally reached out in 2023 to the Science Centre to coordinate an event because she is passionate about forensic science and wants to share her knowledge. She was born and raised in Prince Albert and works as a DNA Consultant with Aurora Forensics.

“I consult on the criminal portion or DNA portion of the criminal cases so I get phone calls from people all over Canada and the US to be an expert and give my opinion,” Mokleby explained.

She works on presentations for anyone interested.

“I teach and give presentations to lawyers and students of all ages,” Mokleby said.

She approached the Science Centre about putting on a Forensic Science Camp last year after noticing the Science Centre was putting on events. She said the events have proven popular with everyone.

“People of all ages to come in and learn about it, not just kids,” Mokleby said.

Partnering with Mokleby is Prince Albert RCMP Cpl. Janelle Samoila who works in the Ident Section for the RCMP,

The event runs on Saturday, March 23 from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. and on Sunday, March 24 from noon until 5 p.m.

Exhibits and activities for all ages include items such as footwear impressions, fingerprints, crime scene evidence and much more.