Final candidates list released for provincial election

With the provincial election now two weeks away, final candidate lists have been filed with Elections Saskatchewan.

Voters in the region will have candidates from five of Saskatchewan’s six registered political parties to choose from.

Of all the nearby electoral districts, though, only one has five candidates — Saskatchewan Rivers.

The only party not represented in the region is the Saskatchewan Liberal Association, which is only running three candidates this year.

Both the Saskatchewan Party and the NDP are running full slates of 61 candidates, while the Green Party managed to nom¬¬¬¬inate 60, just missing out on one candidate in Regina.

The Progressive Conservatives have nominated 31, while the Buffalo Party, formerly known as Wexit Saskatchewan, has nominated 17.

The provincial election is set for Oct. 26.

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Incumbent Saskatchewan Party: Delbert Kirsch

NDP: Lon Borgerson

Green Party: Hamish Graham

PC: Carrie Harris

Carrot River Valley:

Incumbent Saskatchewan Party: Fred Bradshaw

NDP: Rod McCorriston

Green Party: Liam Beckker

PC: Glen Leson


Incumbent NDP: Doyle Vermette

Saskatchewan Party: Darren Deschambeault

Green Party: Aaron Oochoo


Incumbent Saskatchewan Party: Todd Goudy

NDP: Lorne Schroeder

Buffalo Party: David Waldner

Green Party: Matthew Diakuw

Prince Albert Carlton

Incumbent Saskatchewan Party: Joe Hargrave

NDP: Troy Parenteau

PC: Renee Gradbsy

Green Party: Shirley Davis

Prince Albert Northcote

Incumbent NDP: Nicole Rancourt

Saskatchewan Party: Alana Ross

PC: Jaret Nikolaisen

Green Party:  Sarah Kraynick


Incumbent Saskatchewan Party: Scott Moe

NDP: Trina Miller

PC: Yvonne Choquette

Green Party: Larry Neufeld

Saskatchewan Rivers

Incumbent Saskatchewan Party: Nadine Wilson

NDP: Lyle Whitefish

Buffalo Party:  Fred Lackie

PC: Shaun Harris

Green Party: Marcia Neault

-With files from Peter Lozinski, Prince Albert Daily Herald