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Home Sports Ecole St. Mary’s Anseth commits to Calgary Colts

Ecole St. Mary’s Anseth commits to Calgary Colts

Ecole St. Mary’s Anseth commits to Calgary Colts
Cole Anseth (number 67) played his high school football with the St. Mary Marauders in Prince Albert and will be trying out for the PFC's Calgary Colts. --Instagram/cole_anseth

Exciting but stressful. That’s how Ecole St. Mary’s Cole Anseth described his upcoming move to Calgary, where he recently committed to the Calgary Colts football program.

“It’s been good now that I’m committed, but it will be very stressful having to move to another province,” Anseth said. “Finding a place to stay and a job will be stressful. Other than that, it’s been good and I’m excited.”

Anseth, who played offensive guard in his senior year with the Marauders, said he was happy to get an email back from the Colts, after he had originally reached out to the team. After sending game tapes and having discussions with members in the organization, the club reached out and offered him a spot at training camp.

Anseth was one of many others who came back to the sport last fall after a nearly two year hiatus. He said it was tough coming back and finding his groove at first, but once things got rolling, the turf started to feel like his backyard.

“To get back into it was pretty tough,” he explained. “You had to pick up pretty much everything you left for those two years. As soon as I got into it, everything started rolling good, and it was a great season.”

The Marauders are known for their prestigious high school football program, and a large part of that comes with the experience of coach Curt Hundeby. Anseth says he got a lot of help along the way from his head coach, not only with his play on the field, but the small things like putting together a highlight reel and making him ready to take the next step to university football.

Anseth also spends a lot of time working on his mental side of the game. He’s like a football student, absorbing game tape and finding parts of his game that he can pick apart.

“I think I’m a smart player,” he said. “I like to watch film and study to see what the other team does. That always gives you an advantage when you know their tendencies. I’m a big guy and a big player. I want to get faster and have a better understanding of our team; what the plays are, what tendencies we run.

“Coach Hundeby has helped me out tremendously. He went through everything that I am going through in football. He helped make my highlight tape and gave me tips on how to impress coaches when I go out to camps. He just knows a lot about the game because he’s had the experience as a player and a coach.”