Ecole St. Anne remembers in a special way

Poppies blow in the breeze along a fence outside St. Anne School./ Kelly Skjerven/Daily Herald

École St. Anne School is closed temporarily because of cases of COVID-19 but they still found a way to remember.

The Grade 6 French teacher Mrs. Longlitz’ class found a way to mark the significance of Remembrance Day.

Normally, the classes and schools in the Prince Albert Catholic School Division organize lessons, liturgies and present special prayers on Remembrance Day.

“Today, Mrs. Longlitz, found a way to make her Remembrance Day lessons and activities matter. She took the time to show her students and the greater community what Remembrance Day is all about. She cares,” a release from the division said.

“As students of École St Anne School were not at school today, their teacher wanted to complete the lesson of remembering the significance to Remembrance Day. Mrs. Longlitz came to the school this morning and attached the poppies the students had made. She attached them outside on the fence line of the schoolyard.”

The division noted that the class made a difference in the community.

“Let this be a reminder to all of us to take the day of Remembrance to signify and remember all those who have sacrificed so much for our country.”