Downtown businesses left with minimal damage following Sunday fire

Businesses in the building on 1235 Central Avenue, the Kirkby Fourie Coertze law firm, Bocian Jewellers and Embee Diamonds, said there was a fire there on Oct. 13, 2019. (Jayda Noyes/Daily Herald)

A trio of downtown businesses didn’t suffer too much damage from a small fire on Sunday evening.

In a Facebook update, the Prince Albert Fire Department said it responded to the 1200 block of Central Avenue at about 5:15 p.m. for alarms ringing.

The post said once firefighters had access to the building, they searched it and found the fire’s location. The building’s suppressive system had already extinguished the flames.

The Fire Department said the cause remains under investigation.

According to Bocian Jewellers and Embee Diamonds, the fire occurred in the Kirkby Fourie Coertze law firm. They share the same building on 1235 Central Avenue.

In a Facebook message, Bocian Jewellers said the store was only affected by smoke; however, the power was off and the heater wasn’t working. The store was closed on Tuesday as a result, returning to regular hours on Wednesday.

Evert Botha, CEO of Embee Diamonds, said he didn’t have any damage. There was just some water that leaked onto their floor.

He said Embee Diamonds was resuming operations on Tuesday once they ventilated the space.