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Darcie Doell and Laurianne Osmak, DOELL OSMAK Wealth Management

by Darcie Doell and Laurianne Osmak
DOELL OSMAK Wealth Management

Research has shown that 90% of Canadian women will be the sole financial decision maker at some point in their lives due to a variety of factors such as personal preference, divorce, or  the death of the spouse. This isn’t just related to simply buying groceries or financing home renovations- it also includes investments, insurance, and health coverage decisions.

Historically, investment advisors have focused on men and as a result- nearly two thirds of women over the age of 45 don’t have a financial plan, and less than half of single women work with a financial planner at all.

DOELL OSMAK Wealth Management is a 100% women-owned financial services advisory founded in 2019 by Darcie Doell and Laurianne Osmak. At DOELL OSMAK, we understand the many challenges and concerns faced by women (and men) of all ages. At our very core, we focus on creating wealth for our clients, and ensuring that their wealth is protected.

Laurianne (OSMAK) is licensed in mutual funds, segregated funds, and insurance, and the only Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) and Certified Life Insurance Specialist (CHS) in Prince Albert and surrounding area.

Darcie (DOELL) is licensed in mutual funds, segregated funds, and insurance, and is currently completing her Certified Financial Planner designation. As part of her dedication and commitment to her clients, Darcie has completed her Certificate in 3H Financial Planning and Diploma in Financial Planning and Services.

DO Wealth, Health & Life with DOELL OSMAK.

We want to hear your story.

Our business is about you, your dreams, and aspirations.

DO Wealth

We understand that to successfully manage your financial affairs over a lifetime requires discipline, knowledge, and experience. DOELL OSMAK has partnered with the top boutique investment firms in Canada to provide a disciplined, effective, and transparent process to achieve the desired outcome.

It all starts with a financial plan, or a second opinion if you already have one. Our approach includes understanding your goals, simplifying your finances, and ensuring we remain on track through clear, consistent, and transparent communication.

Your financial plan may include a variety of investment tools and options including:

  1. Mutual Fund Investments
  2. Annuities
  3. GIC’s
  4. RESP’s
  5. RDSP’s
  6. Guaranteed Investment Funds

Your financial plan is reviewed regularly, and may be adjusted based on market conditions, and/or your individual circumstances.

DO Health

When life happens, you need to be able to rest assure that your health plan is there to support you, and your loved ones. DOELL OSMAK works closely with industry-leading partners to provide the best value and most appropriate solution for your Health (Individual & Group), Travel, Accident, Critical Illness, Disability and Long-Term Care plans.

DO Life

Your financial plan includes planning to help your loved ones in covering final expenses, education, or disability. Figuring out how much or the type of Life Insurance you need can be challenging (to say the least). It all boils down to how much money your loved ones would require covering future expenses if your income was no longer available.

DOELL OSMAK works with you to provide all the information you need on life insurance. Our providers provide the best value and most appropriate product for your life insurance needs. We offer access to an extensive range of insurance and related financial products.

Life happens.

People fall in and out of life. Whether you are starting your career, changing course or on track to retiring- we want to hear your story.

Let’s take 45 minutes to review your current financial plan to ensure you can DO Wealth, Health & Life. To schedule an appointment (video, at home or at our office)- call (306) 922-2020 or email For more information- please visit