A day of tough decisions at MLCN poll

Marlene Bird in front of the Prince Albert Inn. Arthur White-Crummey/Daily Herald

Members of Montreal Lake Cree Nation voted Friday for chief and council, with urban residents lining up to cast their ballots at the Prince Albert Inn.

One of them was Marlene Bird, the woman who lost both her legs after being burned in a highly publicized attack back in 2014. She has a home in Timber Bay, she said, but travels frequently to Prince Albert and Montreal Lake for medical appointments and socializing.

Her top priority this election season: transportation.

“Transportation for the disabled,” she said. “Just to help people who can’t make it to their appointments.”

She won’t reveal which of the three chief candidates she chose, nor which prospective councillor. She knows some of them personally, and said she pondered her decision for hours.

“I had to think about it first,” she said. “I had a lot of advice from other people. A lot of friends.”

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