Data driven decisions: Exploring the value of digital farming

Submitted photo. Safe and secure sharing tools like FieldView enable collaboration with your trusted advisor to make the best business decisions for your farm.

FieldView, Submitted

In recent years, farming has seen a wide range of changes, whether that be due to increasing challenges with weather, changing landscapes, economic uncertainties or managing knowledge transfer between generations of farmers. One of the biggest, and arguably most impactful, changes has been the adoption of digital ag technology and use of on-farm data. With precision farming tools, farmers are now able to make better, more informed decisions when faced with challenges to obtain the best crop output and yield through data-driven insights.

With digital platforms like FieldViewTM, the flagship digital farming product from Bayer, farmers can use on-farm, real-time data to make decisions easier, earlier, and more confidently. FieldView gives farmers a deeper understanding of their fields so they can make more informed operating decisions to optimize yields, maximize efficiency and reduce risk.

Dave Hewlitt embraced FieldView on his Eston, Saskatchewan area farm to help invest where it was most profitable when faced with high fertilizer prices. With data in FieldView, he was able to build out a fertilizer plan. Overlaying yield maps from the previous year with Field Health Imagery maps, Dave created customized variable rate fertilizer maps for his farm and was able to optimize his fertilizer usage and focus spend where it made the most sense.

With so many aspects of farming operations, today there are many tools’ farmers can use. No one entity is equipped to solve every challenge, which is why offering integrated partnerships and platforms provide a greater value to farmers with more complete solutions and services, to enable participation beyond the farm gate.

With FieldView’s enhanced connectivity between a variety of partners and platforms such as Combyne for crop marketing management, and FCC’s AgExpert Field and Precision Planting, data is synchronized and easily accessible through one platform. Connectivity and sharing capabilities are an important aspect to maximizing the potential of farm data. With FieldView, data can be connected to trusted advisors (dealer, independent agronomist, Bayer rep), farm employees, and other farm partners in real-time, allowing for faster and more precise planning and in-field decisions.

While adopting new tools and learning technology can seem like an adjustment, the value and impact it makes in operations is priceless. “The way I look at it is, it could be challenging, but farming without it could be challenging too,” said Mike Ferguson who farms 3,000 acres in Melfort, SK, “I really see that utilizing the technology properly, I feel like I’m generating a return… For us, we choose to try and implement new technology and make our life easier.”

Beyond the opportunities available within the tool, FieldView also delivers high value to farms with boots-on-the ground service. FieldView reps are like another farm hand, available to help farmers get the most out of their subscription; whether that be installing hardware / software, creating and running scripts, or updating and analyzing farm data.

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