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Cupid’s Heart to celebrate first single with special guests at Rock Trout

Cupid’s Heart to celebrate first single with special guests at Rock Trout
Emma Jean and Stacey Dunn of Cupid’s Heart are coming to the Rock Trout Café on Saturday, Jan. 21 with special guests The Great Fuss and Dylan Jules Cooper. -- Photo by Shiva Souri.

The New Year has been a whirlwind for Cupid’s Heart, and it’s only going to get busier.

The duo of cellist Stacey Dunn and guitarist Emma Jean released their debut single, ‘Juliet’, on Jan. 6, and celebrated with a cross-province tour that arrives at Prince Albert’s Rock Trout Café on Jan. 21.

“It’ been pretty surreal,” Jean said during a phone interview on Tuesday. “In some cases, we have had our song sent around to different CBC stations across the country, and for a first release, that’s pretty exceptional, I would say.”

“It’s just been a really fun journey,” Dunn added. “It’s been really exciting to have it played as much as it has been, and we had a lot of support along the way, so we’re really just also very grateful.”

Jean and Dunn began their musical partnership by playing covers at open mic nights. They enjoyed playing together, and started a band not long after.

‘Juliet’ was one of the first songs they wrote together. Jean said it came out of one of their private jam sessions.

“Sometimes jam sessions are really good, and sometimes they’re less good, but this one was particularly great,” Jean remembered. “The song came almost fully formed and from there.”

“It was a really fun process for me,” Dunn said. “Cupid’s Heart is the first experience I’ve had being able to explore that creative process and actually create music and write Cello pieces that will fit the song. It’s been a lot of fun.”

Jean has been in bands before, but this is Dunn’s first opportunity. Jean said it’s been fun to watch her bandmate soak in the experience.

“It’s great to kind of vicariously experience some things through her fresh discovery of things, and also to kind of introduce her to different things in music life,” Jean said. “It’s really fun. She’s just been the most amazing bandmate. I’m really fortunate to have her.”

‘Juliet’ focuses on expressions of love and the search for connection from a queer female perspective. Jean said they never set out to specifically write about queer relationships. They just wanted to write about their own lives and the things that are important to them.

“We had just started a relationship together, and I think there were a lot of feelings. that ended up being what came out, and I think it’s really valuable because of that,” Jean explained. “It’s not that we went out trying to write a song about queer love, but we are queer and we do experience love, so the song just happened to be about that, and it’s worth valuing because there aren’t as many songs like that out there.”

“I think especially for young queer youth, growing up and listening to music and finding their path, finding something they can identify with and relate to is just really important and so we’re glad to be part of that process too,” Dunn added.

The Great Fuss and Dylan Jules Cooper will join Cupid’s Heart for their performance at the Rock Trout Café. Jean said all three groups just released new music and wanted to celebrate.

“One of the biggest things, bringing them on, was that both of these groups just have great energy, (and) great stage presence,” Jean said. “It’s going to make for a fun night.”

Doors open for the Cupid’s Heart Single Release party with special guests The Great Fuss and Dylan Jules Cooper at 8 p.m. at the Rock Trout Café on Jan. 21. Tickets are $16 in advance, or $20 at the door.