CUPE strike saved City $535,000, finance department reports

Herald file photo

The three-month CUPE 882 strike resulted in roughly $535,000 in savings for the City of Prince Albert.

That’s according to a report from the City’s senior accounting manager that was included in Monday’s executive committee meeting agenda.

According to the report, the City incurred an extra 284,300 in costs due to the strike. The bulk of that total was for outside contractors ($199,400), while the rest was for security ($80,700) and supplies and software ($4,200).

The City also lost roughly $123,600 in revenue, largely due to not having the concessions open at the Art Hauser Centre during the strike. However, the City offset those costs and losses by not having to pay $943,200 in wages.

Senior Accounting Manager Briane Folmer wrote in her report that the costs and savings portion did not include the handful of E.A. Rawlinson Shows that were postponed, cancelled, or held at other venues. She wrote that the changes had no effect on the City’s bottom line since there was no ticket revenue or production costs.

Folmer wrote that a report on the City’s overall financial position would be available by spring.

The CUPE 882 strike started on Sept. 11, with employees returning to work on Dec. 12.