COVID-19 connected to one classroom at Carlton

On Friday evening the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division notified the public that a case of COVID-19 had been connected to one classroom at Carlton Comprehensive High School in Prince Albert.

The case was not school acquired or transmitted.

“Only two students will be isolating while the rest of the classroom & associated staff, as well as the rest of the school, remains learning in-person,” the division stated in an email.

The division was informed recently of the positive COVID-19 test results and communication is being shared with the classrooms/cohorts, the connected staff, as well as with the school communities.

The learning program will continue remotely only for those students and staff affected while in-person learning will continue for the rest of the school.

As is the circumstance in all reports of COVID-19 in the division due to privacy concerns, further details of the case will not be shared.

They added that schools remain safe places to learn.  Both the Local Medical Health Officer and the provincial Chief Medical Health officer continue to indicate that because of the protocols in place, schools are safe and are not significant source of transmission.

The division explained that we all share responsibility to minimize the risk of COVID transmission. 

“The division deeply appreciates the support that students, parents and community members have demonstrated, especially as the number of cases in our region climbs.”

The SHA’s local public health team continues to provide expert advice and strong support for our dedicated staff as we manage the pandemic in our communities.

“The division is thankful to have such a cohesive team of administration and staff supported by our partners in Health.”