Council to consider pet ownership bylaw amendment

Prince Albert City Hall -- Herald file photo.

The City’s Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw No. 13 of 2021 will see an amendment in the near future after a member of Council brought up concerns about pigeons and crows becoming a nuisance to residents during Monday’s Council meeting. 

Councillor Ted Zurakowski asked City Administration if they would be willing to look at a report clearly detailing options to revise the bylaw after hearing from several Prince Albert locals about birds like pigeons and crows being fed by others in the community, potentially causing the birds to become an annoyance to the surrounding neighbourhoods. 

“It’s clear this bylaw needs another look,” he said. “Especially if those 60 to 100-ish pigeons live next door to you by night and live in your backyard by day.”

Zurakowski added that the amendment will not affect those residents that have bird feeders, which Mayor Greg Dionne expressed his “100 per cent support” for.  

The current bylaw states that it is an offence to feed wild birds such as crows, ravens, pigeons, or magpies within City limits. The fine for committing a first offence is $75, second offence is $125, and third offence is $275.