Construction season

Road construction (Herald file photo)

As the weather warms and people begin travelling more across the province’s north, so too does construction season begin in earnest, and a few nearby highways are on the province’s to do list.

According to list of provincial highway project, construction is slated to begin this week and next on some nearby construction.

South of the city, work is continuing on widening and paving Hwy. 2 north of Wakaw. A total of 16 km of paving and widening work is underway, with an expected completion date of Fall 2017. Traffic will be restricted to one lane.

Beginning May 23, 14 km of paving work will be done on Hwy. 2 north of PA. the work will stretch from an area near the Hwy, 355 intersection to south of the Hwy. 263 intersection. Minor delays are expected. The work is scheduled for completion by July.

This week, construction began on Hwy. 3 west of and near Shellbrook. One lane will be open for stretches. The work is due to be completed this summer.

An additional 17 km of paving is underway on Hwy. 55 near Big River. The maximum speed there has been cut to 60 km/h and traffic may be restricted to one lane. That work is scheduled to be completed by the fall.

Library parking lot closed

There is also paving work being done in the city.

The library parking lot is having construction and paving work done next week.

The lot will be closed as of Tuesday morning, 7:30 p.m. Weather permitting, the work will be complete by 5 p.m. Friday, May 26.