Construction confusion caused collision

Bianca Bharti, Daily Herald

Construction confusion caused a collision on 2 Avenue West and 12 Street West, involving two vehicles, on Wednesday. There were no reported injuries.

Just before noon, a car in the construction lane was making a right turn onto 12 Street West when another vehicle, travelling on the blocked lane continued north on 2 Avenue West.

“The traffic restrictions caused some confusion so we had one vehicle that tried to go northbound across the bridge, not realizing her lane was closed and the other driver wasn’t aware that she was… going (straight),” acting Sgt. Phil Dell said.

The vehicle travelling north T-boned into the passenger side of the other vehicle as it was making a right turn.

“I would recommend everybody just observe the flow of traffic, and the restrictions we have up right now, and be patient with us.” Sgt. Dell said.

The vehicle at fault had two occupants, while the other had the one driver.

Fire and ambulance crews showed up, but Sgt. Dell said he was unaware of any reported injuries.

The three people involved in the crash were cooperating with law enforcement at the scene. Police, firefighters and tow trucks cleared up the site just after 12:15 p.m.