Collaboration between three post-secondary institutions bring Bachelor of Administration program to Northlands College

Daily Herald File Photo Karsten Henriksen, President and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Northlands College.

First Nations University of Canada (FNUniv), Northlands College and the University of Regina recently announced that they have entered into an agreement to offer a Bachelor of Administration Program (BAdmin) through the college.

The collaboration will provide learners in northern Saskatchewan with an accessible and high-quality post-secondary education, allowing them to pursue diverse career paths in the field of administration.

“At the First Nations University of Canada, we strive to make our programming more inclusive to learners across Saskatchewan. This MOU helps us realize part of that commitment and expands our reach to communities seeking further training and education,” Jason Bird, program administrator, Indigenous Business and Public Administration at FNUniv said in a release.

“This partnership is another step in making our educational resources accessible to all. We are very proud to be offering the full Bachelor of Administration to northern and remote learners and believe this will create successful career pathways for numerous people.”

Students will be able to apply to the four-year BAdmin starting July 31, 2024 with courses beginning in the fall of 2024. Delivered at Northlands College, the degree will include a total of 120 credit hours in administration and general university courses. All courses will be delivered remotely from FNUniv, except when the institution can provide them in-person at Northlands as available or in a hybrid format.

The program will allow learners to receive a Bachelor of Administration degree while remaining within the familiar environments of communities in northern Saskatchewan.

Karsten Henriksen, president & CEO of Northlands College highlighted the collaboration.

“One of our core principles is keeping our learners first, and with this partnership, we are excited to provide newer educational opportunities to them and prepare learners for countless job opportunities in Northern Saskatchewan. Partnering with the First Nations University of Canada is a significant step, and we look forward to enhancing this relationship by introducing more programs for Northern Learners soon,” Henriksen said in a release.

This program is a welcome addition to the educational landscape of Northlands College, providing learners with a platform to acquire valuable skills and knowledge.

“The University of Regina is pleased to enter this agreement with Northlands College and FNUniv allowing northern residents to complete all of the requirements to obtain a BAdmin degree from the U of R without having to leave northern Saskatchewan,”Dr. Saqib Khan, interim dean of Business Administration said in a release.

“This agreement aligns with Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan priorities of building strong communities and developing Saskatchewan’s labour force.”