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Home Arts Classic rockers, northern drummers, and performing arts highlight upcoming Rawlinson season

Classic rockers, northern drummers, and performing arts highlight upcoming Rawlinson season

Classic rockers, northern drummers, and performing arts highlight upcoming Rawlinson season
Canadian rocker Randy Backman brings his Vinyl Tap Presents Greatest Stories Ever Told tour to the E.A. Rawlinson Centre on Oct. 30. -- Photo from the Randy Backman Facebook page.


That’s how marketing and events coordinator Cara Stelmaschuk summed up the next season of performances at the E.A. Rawlinson Centre. The list of acts includes ballet, dramatic theatre, and comedy performances to go along with an assortment of musical acts.

Stelmaschuk said they’ve tried to appeal to as many people as possible with this season’s offering.

“If there’s not something here that a person likes, I’m don’t know what more we can do for them,” Stelmaschuk said with a laugh. “Honestly, I don’t know what else we can bring in. It’s going to be an amazing season.”

Patrons and season ticket holders got their first look at the new season during Wednesday evening’s launch show. Major acts include Canadian rocker Randy Bachman, British illusionist Darcy Oake, and Grammy nominated drumming group Northern Cree.

Stelmaschuk said most people expect to see a strong group of musical acts, but this year they really focused on expanding to other performing arts. That means opportunities to see Toronto-based dance company Ballet Jorgen perform ‘Cinderella’, and Motus O’s dramatic telling of Marina Nemat’s memoir ‘Prisoner of Tehran’, among other theatrical performances.

“I don’t think they’re going to expect ballet, and I don’t think they’re going to expect a theatrical movement piece, but we’re hoping that those are the kind of things people do come to expect in a season,” she explained. “It’s a variety. It’s a performing arts centre. It’s not a music hall. We’re trying to incorporate a bunch of things.”

Aside from Bachman and Northern Cree, this season’s lineup includes country singer Aaron Goodvin, Indigenous folk duo Twin Flames, bluegrass band Slocan Ramblers, and the Edmonton Pops Orchestra.

Prince Albert act L.J. Tyson and the Locals are also scheduled to perform as part of the On Stage Series. Stelmaschuk said they’re happy to have a local product on stage, and looking to add more local acts in the future.

“He (Tyson) is so talented and we actually get to have him on our stage this season, so that’s a huge plus for the music community in Prince Albert,” she said. “We want to include artists who have come up through Prince Albert as part of our season. It’s just as exciting as anybody else who comes to the stage. We want to give them that big house, big stage, big performance experience.”

With the lineup settled, Rawlinson Centre staff have only one thing to worry about: cancellations and postponements.

Stelmaschuk said their stage crews are taking every precaution to make sure there are no COVID-19 exposures. However, she added that they usually aren’t consulted about whether to cancel an event.

“If a whole bunch of places cancel an act in Alberta, and we’re the only Saskatchewan stop, guess what, we’re cancelled,” she explained. “It doesn’t matter if your COVID numbers are low or if the (performers) are fine. If they can’t make the tour feasible, we can’t have them.

“That’s just something we have to roll with,” she added. “It’s not something we can prevent against. All we can do is make sure that when the acts are here and numbers are high, we don’t expose them (to COVID).”

Stelmaschuk said last season was an up and down year for attendance at the Rawlinson. While some acts, like Johnny Reid, sold out two straight nights, others struggled. COVID cancellations and postponements also caused attendance problems, but overall, Stelmaschuk was happy with the season.

“They’re coming, but it’s for very specific things,” she said.

For more information on the 2022-23 E.A. Rawlinson Season, or to see video clips of each performer, visit www.earc.ca. PST will be applied to tickets purchased after Sept. 30.

The Rawlinson has one more major act planned for November. Details will be announced on Sept. 12.

E.A. Rawlinson 2022-23 Season

Sept. 21 – Misery Mountain Boys

Sept. 30 – Diyet and the Love Soldiers

Oct. 26 – Darcy Oake

Oct. 30 – Randy Bachman

Nov. 16 – Anchors Up Tour

Nov. 18 – Matt Dusk Sings Sinatra

Nov. 23 – Twin Flames

Nov. 25 – Act to be Announced

Nov. 26 – Northern Cree

Jan. 22 – Aaron Goodvin

Jan. 27 – Cheesecake Burlesque (18+)

Feb. 3 – LJ Tyson and the Locals

Feb. 8 – Always ABBA

Feb. 10 – Edmonton Pops Orchestra

Feb. 21 – Singing with Sylvia

Mar. 1 – Over the Moon

Mar. 17 – Ballet Jorgen performs Cinderella

Mar. 26 – Motus O performs Prisoner of Tehran

Apr. 13 – Roots ‘n’ Blues Kitchen Party

Apr. 15 – Comic Strippers (18+)