Clarke wants to see turnout as trustee candidate in Saskatchewan Rivers

Crystal Clarke./submitted photo

Everyone has a voice in school board elections as stakeholders in public education. This is one aspect of the campaign of Crystal Clarke, who is running for trustee in the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division.

“I just hope people get out and actually vote and make the best choices that they feel is right for the school division,” Clarke said.

Clarke explained that she chose to run this election because it was the right time.

 “I have students who just graduated who have been through Sask. Rivers. At the same time, I have another one entering high school and I have another one who is just starting kindergarten. I have got the whole mix,” Clarke said.

Clarke and her family have lived in Prince Albert since 2009. Clarke is involved in numerous activities and sports as a coach and volunteer.

She said that at this time, with one child having completed school and another starting, she feels she now has the time to invest in the board. She works professionally as a facilitator and consultant with over 15 years of experience working with schools, communities and boards.

“With that experience I feel that I am ready to contribute to the school board level and make a difference in the community for the schools, for the students,” Clarke said.

Her experience includes being a past foster parent, which allowed her to work with teachers and supports in various sectors. This experience has also shown her where the challenges exist and where to focus resources.

Clarke encouraged voters to look at both her Facebook page and biography at the Saskatchewan Rivers election website.

Clarke’s key issues, according to her biography, included supporting teachers in delivering academics while supporting positive mental health for all, ensuring students access to safe school facilities and a healthy environment and all stakeholders working together for better programs and resources.

With many candidates in the City of Prince Albert Clarke is excited to see how the competition shakes out.

 “What I am realizing is there is not a lot of people who are aware that they can vote for the school board trustees. Anyone I have been speaking to it is really just building that awareness that they actually elect who runs for the school board at the municipal election. And so I am just hoping we see greater numbers come out and they learn more about the school board and our trustees provide a voice for them,” she explained.

The Saskatchewan Rivers School Division trustee election is on Monday, Nov. 9.