City of Prince Albert cracks down on safety at school zones

Herald file photo.

With school in full swing, motorists will notice that the City of Prince Albert Bylaw service will be more visible this year.

According to a media release from the City, Bylaw Officers have been visiting school zones recently to help educate and enforce traffic rules and help keep the children safe.

Bylaw Officers and Parking inspectors are monitoring school zones for illegally parked vehicles. They will be directing people to move out of those zones, and tickets will be issued if they don’t move their vehicles. If there is nobody in the vehicle, it will be ticketed immediately.

“There are many marked zones and areas, and we want everyone to obey all signage and directions in these areas. We realize it can get very congested before and after school, so please watch for signs intended to help provide safety for the children,” said Craig Guidinger, City of Prince Albert’s Director of Planning and Development.

The City has listed a few critical signs to watch for in school zones, including:

  • No Parking areas mean no parking or stopping at all – these are not unloading zones and are designated no parking for safety reasons.
  • Bus Loading Zones – this area is only specific to busses, with no exceptions.
  • Unloading Zones – these areas are meant for drop-offs and pick-ups, not long-term parking.
  • Disability Zone – these spaces are designated for vehicles displaying the official Placard provided by Saskatchewan Abilities only.
  • Crosswalk – this area is designated as a crosswalk and cannot be blocked by vehicles – no stopping in these areas at all.
  • No U-Turns – there are no u-turns allowed in school zones at all.