Catholic Division to begin work on new Strategic Plan

Herald file photo.

With the new Provincial Education Plan expected in the New Year, the Prince Albert Catholic School Division is getting to work on their own Division Strategic Plan.

The board of education discussed their next steps at their regular meeting on Nov. 28.

Education director Lorel Trumier said they already have parent engagement meetings planned with the School Community Council Networking Meeting in January. Ideally, the division would like to have a new strategic plan ready for approval by March.

“(It’s) so that we can align our budget with our strategic plan (and) so that we are making the right allocations to different areas that we have just committed to,” she explained.

Plans begin in December with meetings with school-based administration and administrative council to review the state and plan alignment. January will see stakeholder feedback with groups such as SCC, school staff, students, parents and congregations.

“We know that our budget is allocated on a year-by year basis but we would have a three-year plan to help guide the initiatives that we would want to do in year one of the plan or year two or year three of the plan,” Trumier explained.

After a successful joint meeting in conjunction with the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division and Minister of Education Dustin Duncan in October, the board has now begun the process of planning an independent meeting with Duncan.

“We always want to work with Sask Rivers to look at areas that are in common that we would advocate for and be able to have the discussion with our Minister of Education in areas of common need perhaps or common concern,” Trumier said.

At their regular meeting on Nov. 28 they began the process by asking for feedback for planning a meeting with Duncan in 2023.

“There is still some work to do as it relates to our school division,” Trumier said. “We want to share our successes and our challenges as well, so that is what we are hoping to do, establish some timelines and have that looked at for the New Year when we can get the minister.”

Trumier said they expect the provincial plan to be released by February at the latest. The implementation team had meetings on Nov. 22 and Nov. 23 where they examined comments received on the draft.

The Ministry of Education will make further refinements, with the Education Council scheduled to meet on Dec. 7.

they recommended that processes begin for the division’s own three-year plan.

Board approves continuation of music scholarships

The board also approved to continue supporting the Prince Albert Music Festival with three scholarships.

The request came from the festival scholarship committee for the annual donation.

Trumier explained that they are happy to make this annual commitment.

“We are very happy to see engagement at that level again where the Music Festival is going to occur in person,” Trumier said. “Our classes, whether they are band or choir, participate and our board always supports the festival as well each year.”

They even supported the festival when it was virtual.

“Sometimes when they were operating them virtually we would get involved for sure but this year we know it will be in person—at least to date it will be in person—and we are looking forward to having our children participate in that,” Trumier said.

The board approved three scholarships for $100 each for vocal discipline for choirs, beginner instrumental ensembles, and Intermediate/Senior Band. The division has many groups participating in these areas and they believe it is a great way to recognize the hard work.

Trumier herself was honoured with a Queen’s Jubilee Medal on Nov. 18 along with board chair Suzanne Stubbs and she was happy to be recognized.

“It’ s an honour and a privilege to be included in with a group of people that did receive it. I can tell you that it is just very humbling,” Trumier said.