Catholic Division board finalizes plans for February by-election

Daily Herald File Photo

The Prince Albert Catholic School Division has scheduled a by-election for Feb. 6, 2023 to replace retiring trustee Maurice Chalifour.

The board approved the date at their meeting on Nov. 7. Chalifour represented rural Subdivision 2.

Education director Lorel Trumier said there were a few details they needed to work around before finalizing a date.

“There is an information package that we make sure we look at and we approved. There is the management of the deposit for people who are deciding to make their decision to run. There (are decisions on) how campaign contributions and expenses should be managed.

The board reviewed and approved the nomination package on Monday. The board also approved motion to prevent listing the occupation of the candidates.

“There is the opportunity for the board to decide if the occupation is required to be specified and it is not in this case,” Trumier said.

The deadline to post the Notice of Call for Nominations is on Dec. 15, but the board hopes to have it out by Dec. 5. Nomination Day is Jan. 4, 2023. Administration is also planning for an Advance Poll somewhere between Jan. 23 and Feb. 2 with date and location to be determined at a later date. Chief Financial Officer Greg McEwen has been appointed as returning officer.

The board approved an alphabetical arrangement for the ballot. Trumier said it was a major part of the meeting.

“The form of our ballot does happen in alphabetical order or another order. So all of those pragmatic pieces preparing for the by-election was what we focused on that evening for the most part.” she said.

Other pieces approved included not passing a resolution establishing disclosure requirements for campaign contributions and did not pass a resolution establishing campaign spending limits.