Catholic Board affirms support for Ecole St. Mary scholarships

Ecole St. Mary/Photo by Prince Albert Catholic School Division

The Prince Albert Catholic School Division affirmed support for two longstanding scholarships at their regular meeting on Monday.

After receiving two requests, the board approved two financial requests from Ecole St. Mary High School Awards Correspondence Conveners for the Ecole St. Mary High School Scholarship and the John M. Culenaere Scholarship.

“This is an annual request from Ecole St. Mary High School and are two scholarships of $1,500 that were approved by the board,” Education Director Lorel Trumier said. “We are happy to support our students with that.”

The board also approved having the board chair or a designate present the awards at the Ecole St. Mary grad exercises on June 27.

During the meeting, Trumier also updated trustees on the return of Elementary Band after it had paused due to the omicron variant in January. Trumier explained that it is part of a broader reengagement of students in activities.

“I’m always excited about reengagement,” she said. “I did share with the board that our students were curling this weekend (at) provincial curling. We had wrestling. We have regionals for basketball.”

The report said that in December, 2021 there were 175 students registered and transported to Ecole St. Anne. That number has now grown to 221.

“With the resumption of band especially after COVID here and we have had some stop and starts but you can feel the momentum of the engagement in our programs,” she said. “Co-curricular and extracurricular and even in our classrooms as we have the lifting of restrictions for sure.”

Catholic Division participates in French Immersion workshop

The Prince Albert Catholic Division was also recently participated in a French Immersion workshop. The French Immersion provincial workshop for Saskatchewan Lit was presented in partnership with the division.

“The French Immersion Saskatchewan Lit is a French perspective on teaching reading and writing and we hosted a French Immersion inservice professional development opportunity for the people across the province to particpate in,” Trumier said. “We are pretty proud of that. We had great uptake and people wanted to participate.”

Teacher Helene Prefontaine supported the organization of the workshop “Follow Up Q And A With Renee Bourgoin- La Saskatchewan Lit French Immersion Writing Workshop Grade 1 to 5. Prefontaine also worked on the projects section “Teaching Writing in Elementary School Classrooms.”

The workshop was a follow-up to August writing workshops with Bourgoin. The workshop was an opportunity to for teachers to ask specific questions regarding writing in their classrooms in Grade 1 to 5.

Trumier also updated on an upcoming symposium on Indigenous Education. The symposium is sponsored by the Ministry of Education and takes place in Saskatoon on May 16 and 17.

“The board approved that we would have a committtee be represented at that particular symposium so we are just working on those matters now,” Trumier said.

The symposium is an opportunity to engage with people from around the province on the implemenation of the province’s First Nations and Metis Education Policy Framework. The concept is around building shared ownership of an inclusive system to benefit all learners.