Caring for You and Your Loved Ones, Always

Lisa Bos-Atchison, Manager of Gray's Funeral Chapel and River Park Funeral Home. Submitted photo.

Promoting a better and more inclusive world for women, and for all, is about supporting others, and giving back. Lisa Bos-Atchison, Funeral Director, Certified Celebrant, Manager of Gray’s Funeral Chapel, and River Park Funeral Home, has an understanding of the challenges of overcoming adversity and misconceptions.

“I have had the privilege of working with some amazing women on my path to discover how I can help others. This has helped me to lead the truly amazing and professional team of women and men that I do today. It is an honour to all of our team to be able to help families in the most difficult times. As a female leader, I learn and connect through listening and taking a step back to look outside myself to focus on the needs of others.” Being called to serve in this way, is a natural fit for caregivers, even though only a decade ago, very few women sought this path.

Lisa grew up on a farm in rural Saskatchewan, where her parents showed and instilled the values of family, working hard, and caring for those in your community. In 2009, Lisa started her journey in funeral service at Gray’s Funeral Chapel.

“Through my career I have had the opportunity to work across the province for smaller and larger funeral homes, returning to Prince Albert in 2021 to join the team at River Park Funeral Home. In 2022 with the addition of Gray’s and a promotion to lead both teams- it feels like home.” The experiences of working with families of various backgrounds provides a deep understanding of the importance of culture and tradition, while also understanding the ever-evolving needs of families through compassion, personalization, and innovation.

Being a part of Arbor Memorial, has the benefit of being a family business, that also has greater access to support and resources to best help families in a time of need. More options and benefits are available, while being able to accommodate any budget, and maintain a focus on honest-to-goodness service.  “We have the ability to make a positive and meaningful difference in Prince Albert. Being a part of this organization has provided me the opportunity and autonomy to really focus on families and the needs of our community.” says Lisa.

A lot has changed in recent years, but you can always rely on the compassionate care provided at Gray’s and River Park.

“We take pride in our profession, our calling in funeral service; and we know how valuable the trust placed in us is when providing for a loved one. Funerals and celebrations of life don’t have to be expensive, to be meaningful. For our team, we are honoured to serve your family and our community.”

For Lisa, it’s about local people that care about helping local people. It’s about getting to know individuals and getting involved. That is also shown in the efforts she and her team do to serve the greater community.

“You will see myself, and the entire team out in the community. Whether it is by volunteering, serving on fundraising boards and service clubs, organizing events like the annual Memorial Gardens Duck Launch, or working with the Raiders to support and encourage leadership in girls and women for “This Girl Can” night. It’s just the right thing to do to promote betterment for all,” she says. In 2023, River Park and Gray’s teams both received awards in Community Involvement, and are BOB award winners for best Funeral Home (2022, 2023) and best Funeral Director, Paula Hanson.

“As a Rotarian, I truly believe in service above self; as a member of the FCSCS regulatory council, I believe in fairness, ethics, and education; and as a part of Arbor Memorial, I believe that in working together, we can provide the best possible service in death care.”

Lisa and her team value service, and going above and beyond to meet those in need where they are at. Her husband, Austin Atchison, is the Manager of Prince Albert Memorial Gardens, making the team the only provider in Prince Albert that offers complete funeral home, crematorium and cemetery services, locally right here in Prince Albert.

Contact Lisa, Austin and their trusted teams, they’re honoured to serve your family and our community.