Candle Lake council discontinues property tax prepayment discount to help balance budget

Photo courtesy of the Resort Village of Candle Lake.

Property owners in the Resort Village of Candle Lake will no longer receive a property tax prepayment discount after the resort council voted to discontinue the practice in order to balance their budget.

Village council approved the measure during a special meeting on March 27. Candle Lake Mayor Terry Kostyna said discontinuing the discount was a difficult decision, but one they had to make to keep investing in essential services without a tax hike.

“We know that municipalities all over Canada are being faced with rising operational costs due to inflation,” Kostyna said in a press release. “Ultimately, the decision to discontinue the discount was needed to ensure existing services can be maintained.”

The Resort Village expects to save roughly $135,000 annually by ending the discount. Candle Lake’s budget calls for $6.26 million in expenditures, roughly $1.4 million of which will be covered by federal and provincial grants. The council expects another $3.17 million to come from property taxes.

The resort council also expects to receive $40,000 in new property tax revenue due to new construction in 2023, plus another $38,000 from non-residents who use the lagoon.

There is no adjustment to the Mill Rate or the Base Tax. Property taxes are due on Aug. 31.

Major infrastructure projects include the rehabilitation of the Community Hall, and decommissioning of the old landfill cell.

The landfill cell must be decommissioned by October, per municipal regulations. Grant funding will cover roughly 66 per cent of the $609,400 cost, with the Resort Village covering the rest through reserves.

The Community Hall rehabilitation is scheduled for completion this year. Grant funding will cover roughly 75 per cent of the $1.17 million renovation project.