Cab Coupon program to prevent holiday drinking and driving returns

Submitted photo The window cling for the Cab Coupon.

The Prince Albert & Area Community Alcohol Strategy Steering Committee (CASSC) has partnered with SGI, Grey Cab and Checker/Family Taxi to offer $15 cab coupons to reduce impaired driving in Prince Albert over the holiday season.

That marks a $5 increase from previous years. Co-ordinator Karen Anthony-Burns of the Community Alcohol Strategy Steering Committee (CASSC) said that’s due to the rising costs.

“Previously we had a $10 cab coupon and everybody is noticing that prices are going up and people seem to have a little less money,” she explained. “We are hoping that by offering a $15 coupon it will really incentivize people to want to make that safe plan for a safe ride home.”

The coupons can be used anytime between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. They expire on Jan. 31, 2023.

“We offer this each year, depending on the events,” Anthony-Burns said. “We always do a holiday one and try to cover a period of time when there might be Christmas parties and people are just out and about. This gives (residents) more incentive to think about how they are going to get home.”

Prince Albert Police Service have distributed cab coupons to local licensed establishments and the taxi companies will also have them available.

“Right now the Prince Albert Police Service has helped us, like they have in the past, by distributing them to various establishments that are serving alcohol in the city,” Anthony-Burns said. “They will have those (coupons) available there and if people need one they can certainly talk to them about getting one.”

Window clings with a QR code that takes you to Terms of Use for the cab coupons are displayed at local liquor retailers and local licensed establishments. Let your cab driver know that you want to use a Cab Coupon when you phone to book a ride.

Anthony-Burns said that uptake with the cab coupons has been great in the past.

“(At) certain times of the year it’s a little quieter,” she said. “The holiday season it is a little busier and we always feel that any time that there is uptake of any sort it’s a good thing because that means that there are conversations happening around making that plan for a safe ride home.”

Anthony-Burns added that they also gave a few coupons to cab companies so residents can ask cab drivers for them too. She said they really hope people take advantage of the service.

“The hope is that if you are doing any celebrating over the holiday season that you will phone for a cab or have that designated driver or do whatever you can,” she said. “We are hoping that this will just be an incentive to help people to make that choice.”