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Bella’s Story

Bella’s Story

Seven-year-old Bella has a heart of gold and spreads smiles and joy wherever she goes. She is incredibly imaginative when it comes to play and loves both music and art – she is always dancing, singing or drawing!

If Bella is not pre-occupied with the above activities, she is typically watching her favourite Disney Princess, or Barbie movies, playing with her toys, or going outside for a nature walk.

Born with a gastrointestinal disorder, Bella has spent over 800 days in the hospital and has had 21 surgeries to date. She has been diagnosed with multiple rare conditions, had a bone marrow transplant at the age of one and is currently on the list for a bowel transplant. Despite everything, Bella continues to move mountains everyday. While she is in the hospital you can usually find her in good spirits singing and dancing, brightening the days of the people around her.

For her one most heartfelt wish, Bella has wished for a princess themed playhouse in her backyard! She wants to sleep out back and see the stars and lanterns shine at night.