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Home News Beauval RCMP find plastic egg filled with crack during weapons investigation in Canoe Lake

Beauval RCMP find plastic egg filled with crack during weapons investigation in Canoe Lake

Beauval RCMP find plastic egg filled with crack during weapons investigation in Canoe Lake
A photo of a plastic egg filled with drugs found during a weapons investigation. -- RCMP/Submitted

On Dec. 23, Beauval RCMP received a report of two masked men in possession of a firearm and machete who threatened occupants of a local bar in Beauval, Sask. earlier in the month, on Dec. 14.

There were no injuries reported to police.

The suspects were identified as Hubert Cardinal, 27, and Edwin Corrigal, 40, as a result of extensive investigation. The two were believed to be in Canoe Lake Cree Nation.

Initial efforts to locate the men were unsuccessful, according to police. Officers issued warrants for their arrest and notified the community, with efforts to locate them continuing in the weeks to follow.

On Jan. 13, Beauval RCMP worked with the Meadow Lake Crime Reduction Team (CRT) to locate the suspects and identify their whereabouts and activities. Based on the information gathered by police, Cardinal and Corrigal were believed to be a residence located on the 200Block of Primrose East on the Canoe Lake Cree Nation.

Officers attended the residence and located Corrigal in the backyard. He was arrested without incident.

A search of Corrigal incidental to his arrest resulted in police locating a loaded sawed-off shotgun, a machete, approximately seven grams of crack cocaine wrapped in foil, approximately 11 grams of marijuana, a sum of cash, and seven individual bags of crack cocaine hidden in a plastic egg container.

After officers received information that Cardinal may have been in the residence, Meadow Lake CRT obtained and executed a Feeney warrant to enter the residence. A thorough search of the home was conducted, but Cardinal was not located.

An increased police presence was maintained in the community as officers continued the search for Cardinal.

On Jan. 15, Meadow Lake RCMP were travelling to the same residence on Primrose East in Canoe Lake Cree Nation in an attempt to locate Cardinal. As they arrived, police located a black van previously seen at the residence at the time of Corrigal’s arrest. Officers activated their police lights, pulled the van over, and immediately observed two occupants as they approached the vehicle. The occupants were instructed to exit the van and as officers began to clear the vehicle, they located Cardinal hiding underneath blankets in the back and arrested him.

The other two occupants of the vehicle were released with no charges.

As a result of the investigation, Hubert Cardinal of Canoe Lake has been charged with attempting to take a weapon in possession of a police officer, assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, and two count of failing to comply with a release order.

Edwin Corrigal of Prince Albert has been charged with possession of a prohibited weapon, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, possessing of a shotgun knowing the serial number is removed, possession of a firearm while prohibited, possession of ammunition while prohibited, unsafe storage, and possession of cocaine.

Both Cardinal and Corrigal are scheduled to make their next court appearance in Meadow Lake on Feb. 7 at 1:30 p.m.