Artistic homecoming

A crowd of 45 art enthusiasts attended the opening of ‘Le Look’ at the Mann Art Gallery on Thursday night to view the pieces on Canadian soil for the first time. (Josef Jacobson/Daily Herald)

Meacham potters’ exhibit begins debut Canadian showing in Prince Albert

Two years ago Meacham potters Bonnie Gilmour and Charley Farrero created and exhibited a new body of work in a small town in the south of France.

This week that collection made its Canadian debut in Prince Albert at the Mann Art Gallery (MAG). The show, entitled Le Look, consists of 14 clay jugs featuring cartoonish faces and funny hats.

“We feel very privileged that Bonnie and Charley are interested in having this work shown in Prince Albert,” MAG director and curator Jesse Campbell said.

“It was quite the experience not only creating the pieces, but also getting them from Southern France to the middle of Canada. So we’re happy that we are the first Canadian institution to show this and I think by the numbers and the outcome of tonight’s reception a lot of people are interested in this work.”

An opening reception was held at the MAG on Thursday night and the pieces will be on display until Sept. 5. Forty-five people attended the opening, including former students of Farrero, as he used to teach at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

Gilmour said it felt “fantastic” to finally bring the show to a Canadian audience.

“The response has been really overwhelming,” she said.

“What you see here tonight we’ve got some friends, we’ve got some new friends, we’ve got students but also on social media we’ve had some great responses from all over the country. It’s been fantastic. And these sculptures like it here, I think.”

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