Are the U.S. Presidential Candidates too old?

It’s a question on the minds of most Americans, and others too. Biden is 81 and Trump 77. Are they sufficiently health of body and mind to be President? Neither candidate has agreed to a comprehensive and transparent assessment of their mental health. But their state of mind is important, particularly now, when Putin is threatening the use of nuclear weapons. Are they both afraid of getting a D result? And what about being honest with the American public, knowing they face an exhausting campaign?

At their ages, with a ton of luck, both have a life expectancy of around eight years. As for the chances of remaining healthy during that time, we would not bet on it. Biden walks with a stiffness now and it will increase with time. Trump faces a greater problem due to obesity. He is a walking model for cardiovascular disease, the big killer.

How well do they sleep? We have little doubt that Biden sleeps better. He also appears to be happily married, and that’s a huge plus. If better rested, he will have more energy to deploy his political skills to the campaign.

But does Trump ever sleep soundly? How can anyone believe he is happily married? He also must keep one eye on his many legal problems and other eye on his financial debts. Our bet is he tosses around in bed, a big negative for his overall health.

What about the inner character and soul of these two candidates? We are grateful to have spent many years of study and work in the US and we have lifelong friends there. But we wonder why half the population adores (or puts up with) Trump who lies through his teeth, demeans women, tried to buy votes, and could not accept a fair defeat. We would suggest that Trump desperately needs a psychiatrist, and we have questions about half the population of this great democracy too. Could not another candidate be found?

Dr. Rudolph Tanzi, a professor of neurology at the Harvard Medical School, says we need a neuropsychological examination of both Biden and Trump. This involves a series of 31 tests that can detect dementia and other brain dysfunction.

It’s frightening what the figures show. Between the ages of 65 and 69, three percent of people have dementia. By age 90, it increases to a whopping 35 percent!

The critical fact that we all, including presidents, have to accept is that getting older is very hazardous for the brain and all other parts of the body.

But why do Biden and Trump want this top job at their advanced ages, a job that is so demanding day after day in light of domestic challenges and the Russo-Ukrainian and Israel-Hamas wars? Of course, being President of the greatest country is the obvious answer. Moreover, a ton of privileges go with the task.

What will voters and the press have to accept? They must realize that Biden and Trump will continue to make elderly gaffes during interviews and speeches. Other age-related problems need to be anticipated.

Trumps family history must also cause some concern. His father suffered from Alzheimer’s disease in his mid 80s. According to the experts, Trumps chances of this disease increase by about 39 per cent. And both candidates must be extremely wary of falling. From 65 to 84, it’s the second leading cause of injury-related deaths.

How will this end? We believe there will be a medical tragedy due to their ages. We hope both of them choose healthy and extremely wise vice-presidents.

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