Alt-country band The Goddamsels coming to Prince Albert for end of summer tour

Alberta-based alternative country band, led by Mallory Chipman and Freddie MacDougall (pictured), is playing at The Rock Trout in Prince Albert on Friday. – Photo by Andrea Shipka

The Goddamsels are bringing an alternative country sound to Prince Albert in one of the last stops on their Wayward Summer Tour.

The Alberta band, consisting of singers Mallory Chipman and Freddi MacDougall, will be performing at The Rock Trout on Friday.

“Feeling like we’re making connections meaningfully with people is, I think, the most important part, and we’ve felt that along the way,” said Chipman about the tour.

“That’s been definitely the most encouraging part, is we’ve seen so much organic growth in our listeners and followers online.”

While the pair often labels their music as alternative country, it also melds a variety of genres.

“Country music has taken on so many forms in recent years. I would say we’re more borrowing from either traditional country, roots, americana…but lots of influences from folk music and some rock and some blue grass make their way in their, too,” described Chipman.

Chipman and MacDougall will be performing with a full band, giving them more variability in music. Some pieces will be more vocal heavy, she said, while some will pick up into more of a rock sound.

But Chipman said their vocals is what they’re known for.

“The vocal harmonies are one of the most memorable or noteworthy pieces that we put on display through our songwriting, that’s a really special part of what we offer.”

This will be The Goddamsels’ first time playing in Prince Albert. They’ll be joined by Janaya McCallum, half of the well-known folks duo Jay & Jo. 

Chipman and MacDougall started singing together in a house band at Edmonton’s Blue Chair Cafe in 2015.

That blossomed into a further friendship, where they dreamt of one day branching out and creating their own songs.

“(We) always thought one day when we have more time or whatever it is, we should write our own tunes and make something of this,” she said.

While both are originally from Alberta, MacDougall moved to Montreal a few years ago.

“Kind of funny timing, we decided now’s the moment we’re going to start a band,” said Chipman.

“We definitely were invited to pivot a little bit and explore different ways of collaborating, but from there, we just sort of decided that’s not a barrier that’s going to hold us back. We’ve been making it work for about three years.”

Continuing their friendship at a distance is the meaning behind the lead song in their Wayward Daughter EP, which released in June last year. The EP features six tunes, also including Catch Myself, Rollanda, Sorry, Take Care and See You Next Time.

The show at The Rock Trout will begin at 8 p.m., with doors opening at 7:30. Tickets are $18 in advance or $20 at the door.